Project Partners

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The partnership of the project consists of:

  • Water Directorate of East Macedonia and Thrace, Decentalized Administration of Macedonia Thrace,
  • The Balkan Environment Center and
  • Club "Economika 2000"

Partners have a different, but complementary, experience, know-how and ‘point of view’, bringing thus a unique contribution to the implementation of the project.


Lead Partner (P1): Water Directorate of East Macedonia and Thrace, Decentalized Administration of Macedonia Thrace

The Water Directorate of East Macedonia and Thrace, Decentalized Administration of Macedonia Thrace is responsible for the integrated protection and management of waters resources in a way that ensures the ecological status of water bodies and at the same time provides a sufficient supply of good quality water as needed for sustainable, balanced and equitable use to the benefit of the society. The Water Directorate has a considerable experience in the management of EU and national funds and participates as project leader in several EU funded projects.


Partner 2 (P2): The Balkan Environment Center (BEC)

The Balkan Environment Center (BEC) is a body governed by public law aiming to promote sustainable environmental management in South-Eastern Europe. BEC was founded under the framework of the O.P. INTERREG III/A CARDS Greece - FYROM 2000-2006 as a scientific support structure of regional and local administration in relation to environment. BEC focuses on the development and implementation of activities for the scientific support of decision and policy makers, the research and development of high-tech environmental technology, exchange of know-how and implementation of training and educational activities related to the environment.

Partner 3 (P3): Club “Economika 2000”

Club “Economika 2000” is a high-tech research and training Bulgarian non-governmental organization with over 16-year experience to real economy restructuring, regional development, environment protection and management, social policy and public administration reform. Club “Economika 2000” is registered with PHARE Central Consultancy Register - (since 1995, reg. No BUL-20462) and is a full member of The Network of Institutes and Schools of Public Administration in Central and Eastern Europe (NISPAcee). Club “Economika 2000” has a considerable experience in hi-tech applications (e.g. software, e-tools), management of technological innovations, environmental and Information Technology and know-how transfer. Finally, Club “Economika 2000” is actively involved in Institutional development of environmental organizations and the support of local and national actors, stakeholders and decision makers in activities of sustainable development and environmental management.


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The RiverAlert project is funded by the European Territorial Cooperation (ETC) Programme “Greece Bulgaria 2007-2013”, co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and national funds of the participating countries.