Outputs and results

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RiverAlert project‘s outputs:


1. Inventory of existing organizational and technical capacity


2. Common technical specifications of the monitoring network and e-tools


3. Fully functional telemetric networks in both the Greek and Bulgarian part


4. Common methodologies for calibration, debugging and quality control of telemetric data


5. Common telemetric data processing and harmonization methodologies


6. Expert System for predicting flood and erosion situations on a real time basis in both the Greek and Bulgarian part


7. e-tools and infrastructure to support competent authorities in water and sediment quantity monitoring and management (database, webIMS, expert system, decision rooms) in both the Greek and Bulgarian part


8. Training of local officers and actors in monitoring water and sediment quantity based on Floods Directive and Desertification Convention principles in both the Greek and Bulgarian part


9. Training of local officers in the operational use of telemetric networks in both the Greek and Bulgarian part


10. Publicity (press releases, publications)




RiverAlert project‘s results:


1. Civil protection against floods and erosion


2. Increased capacity of competent authorities


3. Improved water management policies including planning and evaluation of effectiveness using the telemetric data


4. Comparable, continuous and reliable water and sediment quantity datasets


5. Infrastructural improvement and development


6. Real time data to support water policies and water users


7. Public awareness and increased citizens’ sense of security and safety


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The RiverAlert project is funded by the European Territorial Cooperation (ETC) Programme “Greece Bulgaria 2007-2013”, co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and national funds of the participating countries.